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Sorting Solutions from Ideas

Sorting Solutions from Ideas


FORMAT: Online, Live & Interactive

START DATE: 29th September, 2020

DURATION: 4 weeks

TIME: 2 Hours / Week

START TIME: Live Online Workshop Commences 10am to 12pm

Ideas are easy, solutions are hard. Leaders, managers, business owners and entrepreneurs have often struggled with the constant flow of ideas and how to make peoples' ideas feel valued even thought not acted upon.

Reality is, ideas are't the hard part of innovation and neither is execution. It’s deciding which ideas, in what incarnation, and in what order that’s hard. This is incredibly important, undervalued, and hard to do which is why we've included a range of practical tools such as the “ideas funnel”, “ ideas sorter” and the “sol bank”.

At SPRUNGG we believe it's more effective to ask people to submit problems with a bank of ideas to solve them rather than just asking for ideas.

Module Outcomes
Adopt a growth mindset, create a collaborative circle of support and embed ethics to help your business accelerate change sustainably.
Who Should Attend
Individuals, teams and businesses who want to create better and change for good.


A Sustainable Innovation Leadership Program

TiA Learning, powered by SPRUNGG, is a unique online Sustainable Innovation Leadership Program designed to inspire individuals to create better by using the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals as the springboard for good change.

What Does SPRUNGG Stand For?

SP | Springboardto create better and a roadmap to change for good.

R | Resilience - principles to guide adaptive innovation

UNGG | United Nations Global Goalsusing the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Meet Your Facilitators

SPRUNGG's experienced and international team of Learning and Development Architects and Program Facilitators bring you the latest in leadership, innovation and collaboration education. 

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