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EarthTech is a social enterprise supporting people to make the discoveries, create the technologies and build the companies we need to save our planet and our future. EarthTech's goal is to help the world meet the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. 

The Challenge

The EarthTech Challenge invites purpose-driven young people with a passion for solving the world’s most pressing environmental and social issues to participate in a 6 week Global EarthTech Challenge.

The EarthTech Challenge empowers young people to make the discoveries, create the technologies and build the companies we need to address the biggest environmental and social issues facing the world today.

EarthTech's goal is to help achieve and create exponential impact for the Global Goals.

Their Story

In February 2020, 10 finalist teams travelled from across the globe to work with some of Australia's leading experts, investors, business leaders and academics at a 3-day workshop.

The teams and experts collaborated on innovative solutions to address the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The teams worked on solutions for emergency and sustainable housing, waste management and medical devices.  

EarthTech | The Winners

Every competition needs a winner. Bangladeshi innovators Faysal Islam, Rafiq Islam and Anas Hossain Makki from Safewheel took out the top prize. Jacqui congratulates the young innovators and was grateful for the opportunity to be one of their mentors. Safewheel addresses three Sustainable Development Goals. 

- Good Health & Wellness (#3)

- Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure (#9)

- Decent Work and Economic Growth (#8)

Safewheel are emergency electric ambulance vehicles, offering affordable access and doorstep medical services to villagers living under $5 per day, with a 300% faster response times than existing solutions and a 50% cost reduction in rural services. 

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