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What is SPRUNGG?

A Sustainable Change Accelerator Program

SPRUNGG is a Change Acceleration Program designed by the Sustainable Innovation Co. on a mission to catalyse impact innovation and activate change for good. SPRUNGG targets people, communities, teams and organisations with a pressing need for radical change, better innovation and an appetite for a more sustainable world.

What Does SPRUNGG Stand For?

SP | Springboard - to create better and a roadmap to change for good.

R | Resilience - principles to guide adaptive innovation

UNGG | United Nations Global Goals - using the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Create Better & Change for Good.

VUCA = volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. Sound familiar? This acronym, coined in 1987 refers to the certainty of uncertainty and describes 2020 so far to a T.

Just like creating better immunity for our bodies, we need to build resilience plans for our businesses in a VUCA COVID-19 world.

In fact, not only can your business survive a global crisis, but it can also thrive with adaptive, creative innovation and new business models.

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Adopting a Growth Mindset

Adopting a growth mindset, creating a collaborative circle of support and embedding ethics will help your business move through and beyond this global crisis.

To help businesses do this, we have reached out to some of the worlds' top governance and business minds, innovators, design thinkers, creatives, crisis managers and sustainability experts to put together a comprehensive and highly relevant program. 

SPRUNGG is a Modular Online Learning Program delivered as live webinars to help your business transform and prepare to thrive in a post COVID-19 world.


Digitally Enabled Live Learning and Development

SPRUNGG has been designed specially for remote, virtual online learning and development with real people at the other end.

It promotes active collaboration across regions, countries and organisations providing awesome diversity of thought and culture.


A Modular Program

Designed to offer flexibility, participants can either subscribe for the entire annual series or mix and match modules most relevant to them.

There are 36 modules all up covering a range of sustainable innovation topics including the 17 x UN Sustainable Development Goals, 7 Principles of Resilience, Circular Economies, Design Thinking, Creativity, Collaboration and leadership.


Live Facilitation by Experienced Practitioners

The program is led by Design-Led Innovator, Collaborator and Global Strategist, Jacqueline Wilson-Smith.

Having worked both remotely and globally for many years for large corporations as an innovation practitioner, Jacqui’s a pro at facilitating lively webinar conversations with participants across the world.

She delivers practical, experiential learning that’s fresh, hyper relevant and timely.


A Global Network of Experts

The Sustainable Innovation Company actively collaborates with thought leaders, change makers, educators, sustainable experts, systems thinkers, creatives and innovators across the globe.

SPRUNGG leverages its highly valued and respected network of experts and ZOOMs in guests to the webinars and podcasts from a world talent pool.


Program Outcomes

Design a strategic Sustainability and Innovation Plan, plan with a commercial roadmap to get you there.

- Create better processes, products, services, business, models, systems and circular economies. 

- Be more commercial, dynamic and evolvable for a VUCA world.

- Set sustainability goals accountable to future generations.

- Design transformation roadmaps toward resilience and sustainability goals.

- Create sustainably led innovation funnels for growth. 

- Shift from survive to thrive in a VUCA world.

- Adopt a growth mindset. 

- Become accustomed to using design thinking tools.

- Build global networks of collaborators.

- Experience diversity with inclusion.  

- Learn to love learning virtually and live.


Covering theory and references in detail.

Live Workshop Webinar

Dynamic and experiential learning! Includes expert panel guests, theory, real case-studies and learning through doing exercises in breakout rooms. Provides opportunity for discussion with peers and live Q&A. 

Workshop Toolbox

Including instructions and filled in examples relevant to your industry.

Online Video Tutorials

Instructions on how to use the tools with practical examples.

Create Better 'Online Tribe'

Sustainable Innovation Co. will facilitate the sharing of transformational and sustainable ideas via a closed Facebook Group.

Accountability Buddy System

Be held accountable to sustainable transformation that ensures accelerated progress, strengthens relationships, builds supportive networks and sparks innovative ideas.