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Sustainable Dairy Circle

Our Mission

Our project mission is to mobilise a collaborative team of farmers, processors, innovators and system thinkers to pioneer a sustainable dairy value chain for the Sunshine Coast.  

- Farmers input costs have increased and profit margins have diminished, farming methodologies have become more complex, large investments are questioned and confidence in farm investing continues to fall. Additionally, Australia's climate volatility adds to production uncertainty and strong import competition means domestic producers are competing.

- Processors have invested heavily, however they're now struggling to fill their plants. Processors are transporting milk to fill regional shortfalls. 

- Consumers are increasingly questioning the attributes of their food. Consumers also have changing preferences with milk alternatives becoming more popular. Consumers increasingly care about people, communities and our planet.  

Our Goals

The Sustainable Dairy Circle is an open, inclusive collaboration of farmers, processors, innovators and systems thinkers who want to create a better future together for the Australian Dairy Industry, starting with the Sunshine Coast.

Transition to Value Chain

Transform a broken supply chain into a prosperous value chain by removing pain points such as red tape hurdles and innovating for export markets.

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Improve Natural Capital

By measuring and valuing our natural assets; soil, water and biology, we can optimise yield and quality sustainably.

Become a Collaborator
Our Goals

Adopt New Digital Tools

Through improved data automation and transparency, reduce regulatory intervention, improve food safety and commercial, provenance assurance.

Our Goals

Share Knowledge

Promote data and knowledge sharing to avoid duplication of effort and to accelerate winning ideas. Share stories with consumers bridging the gap between city and regional living.

Our Goals

Connect with Consumers

Create new and engaging ways to forge closer connections and build empathy between consumers, farmers, processors and distributors across the value chain.

Resource Centre

Keep up to date with the latest in the dairy industry.