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We help organisations around the world create better

By facilitating innovative and sustainable commercial solutions

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We deliver clear, strategic plans to unlock growth potential

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We create opportunities and new ideas through sustainable innovation

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Research & Insights

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We help you deeply understand your customers and consumers to improve performance

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Learning & Development

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We help you create highly adaptable, resilient and productive teams to drive business growth

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How we do it

A 4-step sustainable innovation process

1. Observe to Understand

We put all stakeholders at the centre of our observations, so we can deeply understand.

2. Define the Problem

We analyse our observations to succinctly define and frame our stakeholders’ problems.

3. Ideate to Solve

We use creativity tools to generate as many solution ideas as possible.

4. Test & Experiment

We test our ideas early and often, so we can adjust as we learn. 

The Sustainable Development Goals

We find sustainable solutions that benefit our clients and do no harm to people and planet.

Meet the team

Located around the globe, our team of real-world practitioners bring diverse experiences, perspectives and viewpoints to generate comprehensive, well-rounded solutions.

We have partnered with organisations just like yours

The founder, Jacqui embodies agile innovation in her project management style.  I worked with her on a global project and all team members were kept engaged in moving forward and meeting all key milestones. 

I respect Jacqui’s (the founder) work and expertise in Innovation, Design Thinking and her ability to lead and align diverse teams with passion and purpose.

Energetic, enthusiastic and consumer focused. The founder, Jacqui puts the consumer at the heart of any solution and brings external perspective to complex challenges.

The founder, Jacqui is a kind, trusted, respected and approachable working partner. She's positive and willing to listen with an innate knack for finding a win-win solution for complex problems.

Jacqui is a dynamic innovator and strong facilitator who transforms and motivates cross-functional teams to challenge the status quo, design to solve customer’s problems, and find unique methods to bring new products to market.

The future resilience of Australia's food industry will depend upon bold innovation that protects our environment, people's health and our communities. Jacqui, through Sustainable Innovation Co, with her global networks and deep experience in design-led innovation will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in supporting industry on this journey.

Sustainable Innovation Co took me to places I had not visited before with excellent results.

Jacqui has the unique ability to not only lead a diverse and virtual team across the globe but to also achieve project goals and manage key stakeholders. 

Sustainable Innovation Company can easily decipher and articulate between noise and real – saving their clients time, money and effort to focus and target the revealed solutions.

Jacqui has been invaluable in assisting us in research for our new brand in the UK.  With her years of experience in the global innovation space she has been invaluable in providing advice and ideas. The genuine interest she has shown in our business and her desire to help us reach our goals is a direct reflection of her professionalism and her commitment to the brands that she works with. 

Sustainable Innovation Company expertly lead and facilitated a diverse range of stakeholders across government, business and community groups to provide our region with a comprehensive understanding of opportunities, impediments and identified strategic alignment of priorities which we are now building upon.

Our tourism based business faced uncertainty with the global impacts of COVID-19, however, Sustainable Innovation Company was instrumental in facilitating a clear strategy and roadmap on how to successfully navigate our way through the pandemic. Sustainable Innovation Company collaborated closely with our team to deeply understand our business to provide innovative ways to increase our bookings and revenue.

The Sustainable Innovation Co designed and facilitated a fantastic strategy workshop for our marketing team. Jacqueline’s excellent facilitation skills and energy ensured everyone stayed involved and interested for the whole workshop, even digital participants. Her incredible ability to deliver excellent on the spot summaries capturing the key discussion points of each session, ensured everyone’s voice was heard and appreciated.

“Jacqui is an engaging facilitator with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the social enterprise, innovation and sustainable agriculture space. The workshop I attended had clear objectives and was set to a fast pace which kept all participants on task and highly engaged in the process. I was very impressed with the well-designed templates which captured key priorities and drove action-based outcomes. Jacqui’s professionalism, confidence and bright nature makes for an excellent facilitator and public speaker, I recommend her highly.”