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Strategic Planning

We offer facilitation to craft meaningful strategic plans that deliver both commercial and stakeholder goals within a sustainability framework. Create better strategies.

The SPRUNGG Program

We offer a Sustainable Change Accelerator called SPRUNGG that leverages the UN Sustainable Development Goals as both a springboard for innovations and a roadmap for transformations.

Systems Thinking for Circularity

We’re passionate about supporting people, communities and organisations who want to collaborate, eliminate waste and transition to value chains and circular economies.

Design Thinking to Create Better

We offer a simplified version of human-centred design thinking within a sustainable framework. Create better and faster.

Research & Insights

We love to dig deep in the observation phase of our research. We lean towards quick guerrilla techniques and building empathy with multiple stakeholders.

Digital Innovation

We imagine and test the latest technologies and co-design digital innovations that are useful and solve real problems.

Collaborative Leadership

The big problems of the world cannot be solved alone. We actively connect people, organisations and ideas together. We seek opportunities for multi-party innovations.

Sustainable Packaging

We believe packaging design should be either reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025. We build sustainable commercial roadmaps to get you there.

Project Management & Execution

Coming up with ideas is the easy part. Implementation, launch and commercialisation is the hard part. We manage innovation projects from strategy to execution.

What is Design Thinking?

A Process

An iterative process, to solve problems for customers in the most exciting ways.

A Team Sport

Effective design teams poke, prod, and debate. They are diverse, respectful, curious and think outside the box.

A Toolbox

Contains journey and empathy maps, personas, bulls eye diagram and solution jamming.

People we've worked with

The founder, Jacqui embodies agile innovation in her project management style.  I worked with her on a global project and all team members were kept engaged in moving forward and meeting all key milestones. 

I respect Jacqui’s (the founder) work and expertise in Innovation, Design Thinking and her ability to lead and align diverse teams with passion and purpose.

Energetic, enthusiastic and consumer focused. The founder, Jacqui puts the consumer at the heart of any solution and brings external perspective to complex challenges.

The founder, Jacqui is a kind, trusted, respected and approachable working partner. She's positive and willing to listen with an innate knack for finding a win-win solution for complex problems.

Jacqui is a dynamic innovator and strong facilitator who transforms and motivates cross-functional teams to challenge the status quo, design to solve customer’s problems, and find unique methods to bring new products to market.

The future resilience of Australia's food industry will depend upon bold innovation that protects our environment, people's health and our communities. Jacqui, through Sustainable Innovation Co, with her global networks and deep experience in design-led innovation will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in supporting industry on this journey.

Sustainable Innovation Co took me to places I had not visited before with excellent results.

Jacqui has the unique ability to not only lead a diverse and virtual team across the globe but to also achieve project goals and manage key stakeholders. 

Sustainable Innovation Company can easily decipher and articulate between noise and real – saving their clients time, money and effort to focus and target the revealed solutions.

Jacqui has been invaluable in assisting us in research for ournew brand in the UK.  With her years of experience in the global innovation space she has been invaluable in providing advice and ideas. The genuine interest she has shown in our business and her desire to help us reach our goals is a direct reflection of her professionalism and her commitment to the brands that she works with. 

Recipes for Innovation

Our founder shares a story: launching Gourmet Garden’s revolutionary herb & spice system using Design Thinking.