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Unable to define exactly who your customer is?

Unsure of your customers' purchase journey?

Launching new initiatives without understanding the market?

A lack of research, insights and data driving profitable decision making?

Unable to spark innovation ideas for growth?

Unsure of your customers' behaviours and attitudes?

How we help you sleep soundly




A Panel of Creative Problem Solvers

Tap into a diverse range of creative thinkers to help solve real-world problems for your organisation, business or community.

Our panel will creatively express your problem and solve it in the most interesting and impactful ways.

Meet the Creative Minds

Our Research & Insights Process

1. Problem Definition

We help you define the problem to be solved and develop a hypothesis to test

2. Strategic Design

We help you clearly define your research objectives to ensure we are asking the right questions, to the right people and in the right way

3. Research

We help you undertake research to gain rapid insights and actionable results

4. Insights

We develop actionable insights to help you make profitable decisions, faster.


Energetic, enthusiastic and consumer focused. The founder, Jacqui puts the consumer at the heart of any solution and brings external perspective to complex challenges.

Jacqui is a dynamic innovator and strong facilitator who transforms and motivates cross-functional teams to challenge the status quo, design to solve customer’s problems, and find unique methods to bring new products to market.

Our tourism based business faced uncertainty with the global impacts of COVID-19, however, Sustainable Innovation Company was instrumental in facilitating a clear strategy and roadmap on how to successfully navigate our way through the pandemic. Sustainable Innovation Company collaborated closely with our team to deeply understand our business to provide innovative ways to increase our bookings and revenue.

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