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Skill gaps in your current team?

Recruiting top talent?

Unengaged employees?

Retaining star talent?

Transforming an embedded culture?

Teams not working well together?

How we help you sleep soundly




Why you need dynamic and engaged innovation teams

Imagine crafting, building and growing high performing, efficient and sustainable teams that bring radical innovation to life? An exhilarating thought when people are both your biggest line item and most valuable asset.  

How we do it







Your Learning & Development Facilitator

Dr. Lynn Miller is a business savvy and pragmatic facilitator, delivering practical solutions to enable effective leaders, improve team innovation and help organisations increase their ability to collaborate.

Meet Dr. Miller

Our Learning & Development Process

1. Self Assessments

A combination of formal self-assessment and informal reflections are used to deeply understand team members and dynamics

2. Clarifying

A team workshop is used to understand issues and create a problem statement, ready to solve

3. Co-Creating

We undertake a team workshop to align on goals to encourage collaboration

Evaluation & Measurement

We review what is and what isn't working in a team workshop

Hear what our clients have to say

Jacqui is a kind, trusted, respected and approachable working partner. She's positive and willing to listen with an innate knack for finding a win-win solution for complex problems.

Jacqui embodies agile innovation in her project management style.  I worked with her on a global project and all team members were kept engaged in moving forward and meeting all key milestones. 

Jacqui has been invaluable in assisting us in research for our new brand in the UK.  With her years of experience in the global innovation space she has been invaluable in providing advice and ideas. The genuine interest she has shown in our business and her desire to help us reach our goals is a direct reflection of her professionalism and her commitment to the brands that she works with. 

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