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AUSPACK 2019 Conference: Smart, Connected & Sustainable.

Posted by Brylee Clelland on
AUSPACK 2019 Conference: Smart, Connected & Sustainable.
The key take-outs from AUSPACK 2019 Conference were 100% on theme: Smart, Connected & Sustainable.

Highlights included Dr Michael Okoroafor's (McCormick) keynote sharing how sustainability commitments by progressive FMCG companies, such as McCormick (of which I am a proud employee), can drive the circular economy. The theme continued throughout the 2 days with far-reaching conversations about sustainability.

Brooke Donnelly, (APCO) shared the National 2025 packaging targets and pointed out that to transform our packaging ecosystem, which we must do, stakeholders need to act collaboratively and consistently. It’s all or nothing!

Ian Jenson (MLA) demonstrated smart packaging tech in practice with real time sensor applications in red meat supply chains.

Lindy Hughson (Yaffa Media) facilitated a panel discussion on the rise of mindful consumers who are driving, increasingly demanding, sustainable packaging.

Brett Wiskar (Wiley) tackled energy challenges, giving hope that via smart Industry 4.0 tech and embracing collaborative approaches, manufacturers can achieve energy independence & sustainability.

Together Darcy Allen (RMIT)  & John Baird (UCOT) explained how blockchain as a governance technology will undoubtedly transform supply chains through trusted connectivity. They presented a compelling commercial case to reduce documentation costs, complexities & errors.

Michael Grima (qDesign) challenged the audience to shift from linear packaging business models to attaining a circular ethos.

Finally, Katie Spearritt (Diversity Partners) conducted a live poll with the audience: Why does diversity matter?  The number 1 vote was, Better problem solving & innovation, closely followed by attracting & retaining talent.

Thanks to the AUSPACK conference, I'm now smarter, more connected and inspired to play a contributing role to make our world better by collectively designing new sustainable systems for food & packaging. 

Well done #AUSPACK2019

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