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Dr. Cristina Lesseur

Dr. Cristina Lesseur is a PhD in Biological Sciences, globally experienced in Applied Science, Innovation, Food Safety and Risk.

She has more than 25 years of experience in Food, Beverages and household products, with a breadth of roles ranging from R&D, Innovation, Food Safety Governance, Nutrition and Regulatory Affairs. She has worked with local and global brands such as Polar Beer, PAN, Las llaves, Pepsico, Quaker, FritoLay, Birdseye, John West, Edgell.

Cristina has successfully led and managed many food-related projects that deliver on consumers’ expectations in the taste, safety, nutrition and sustainability credentials of products and services; whilst effectively mitigating major risks. 

She is recognised for her ability to translate science and technology to consumer centric solutions, and to navigate with cross functional teams on this journey, bridging the gaps.

Cristina is passionate about the holistic role that applied science plays in our lives, and how it impacts our wellbeing and the health of our planet.

She has worked in developing and developed countries and relates to the different challenges they face.

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