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Too many initiatives that prove difficult to execute?

Choosing the right opportunities?

Trying to stay ahead of the competition?

Declining profit margins and sales?

Trying to adjust to rapid changes in the world?

Building a strong team?

Our Approach to Facilitation

1. Diversity of thought

Our role as external facilitators allows us to cut through the bias and sythesise a diverse range of perspectives

2. Alignment of Ideas

We analyse and integrate a diverse ideas and perspectives to uncover areas of alignment and shared challenges

3. Innovative solutions

We work alongside with you to facilitate creative ideation and design targeted solutions to address key painpoints.

Hear what our clients have to say

I respect Jacqui's (the founder)
work and expertise in Innovation,
Design Thinking and her ability to
lead and align diverse teams with
passion and purpose.

Sustainable Innovation Company
expertly lead and facilitated a
diverse range of stakeholders
across government, business and
community groups to provide our
region with a comprehensive
understanding of opportunities,
impediments and identified
strategic alignment of priorities
which we are now building upon."

Sustainable Innovation Company can easily decipher and articulate between noise and real – saving their clients time, money and effort to focus and target the revealed solutions.

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