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Grace is the Sustainable Innovation Co.'s head blogger.

A Sunny Coast local, Grace is in her final year at Sunshine Coast Grammar School. She is the current Dux of her year level, Vice-Captain and Music Scholar. Studying a range of subjects including methods and specialist mathematics, music and music extension, biology, and English, she hopes to bring her interests into her writing.

Grace has been involved in SIC through work in proof-reading, formatting, editing, and analysis reports. This work has evolved to farm fieldtrips, and writing her own content, finding her voice in blogging and journalism.

Grace is driven by designing a sustainable future – one that she will grow up in. She hopes that writing about our evolving world, nature, and technology will shed light on a younger person’s perspective and expand our view of what the future might bring for those still growing up in it.

After graduating, Grace hopes to continue studying and explore the world.